Our guests today are Mr. Mahesh Agrawal, Head HR, M/s. Sumeet Industries Limited, Surat. Mr. Agarwal was born in Lisaria (Rajasthan). He has completed his LLB  from Rajasthan University, and MBA (HR) from Symbiosis Institute in Pune.

He has dedicated the last 26 years of his career to working with blue chips companies in the Human Resources department.  In this article, he is sharing his experience on “How to use the power of the mind”. Please take time to read.

How to Unleash the Power of Mind?
How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

Man is not the slave of circumstances.

He is the creator, controller, and master of them”

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Would you like to meet someone? Who can give you health, wealth, happiness, mental peace, love, inspiration, financial freedom, and everything else that you always desired? How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

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I am sure you would.

Who do you think that person is? God? Some saint? An Angel? Or a magician?

Well, that person is none other than YOU – your very own self.

Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it?

All your life you have been told that our destiny is already decided and we can’t do much about it. Whatever happens in our life is because of our genes and some external factors like the position of the planets at the time of our birth, our environment, our Karma (deeds), and so on. And you have started believing it. How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

This is because you don’t know yourself and the tremendous power that is within you. By this time you will be aware of this tremendous power so that you can use it to get whatever you desire in your life.

You might be wondering how I claim to know so much about your potential, even though I have never met you. It is because there is virtually no difference between you and me, or anyone else for that matter.

 “Even the most successful people have

used less than 10%of their mind power”

Why are some people happy and others unhappy? Why are some wealthy and others poor? Why are some healthy and others sick? Why are some very successful in achieving their goals, while others fail in whatever work they do?

The explanation for these differences is in the people themselves. To understand this, it is necessary to know about the Mind. Its power and its characteristics.

Each human being has tremendous mind power, but until now, we have been able to use it to a limited extent, only because we have very little knowledge about it.

Think how much mind power you have used until now.

If you want to know about this power and convert all your dreams into reality, go ahead.

How to be Successful and Happy

We all need to work to be successful and happy. Most people believe that to be successful and happy we need to work hard, really hard.

Even people advise us, “There is no alternative to hard work.”

Most of us are working hard to achieve what we desire in our lives.

But the truth is a little different. To achieve our goal, we should work with Sharp and Smart.

  “A person without a goal is doomed to work

for the person that has a goal.”

Sharp and smart work means, working in the right direction and working with the right method. Right direction means working in the direction of our goal. The right method means understanding our (body and mind) powers and using them in the most scientific way.

Working in the Right Direction- Goal

I want to ask you a few questions. Have you set your Goal? If so, what is it? When and how did you decide? The goal is not only what I want to achieve but is a complete picture of our life which we want after some years, which includes our health, our profession, our family, our wealth, our social contribution, our spiritual achievements, etc.

It is important to live a life with clear goals in our life.

Life becomes useless, meaningless, and dull without a goal. Quite surprisingly, often we play the game of our life without setting any goal and wasting our time and energy.

It was found in a survey conducted by a university that only three percent of people have a definite goal in life. Thus, it is not surprising that only a few of us are successful.

If you want to know what your goal should be, then ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What do I want in my life? That means your wish list.
  • What do I want to do throughout my life? That means your profession or the type of work.
  • What do I want to achieve in my life? That means some social position.
  •  How do I want to live my life? That means your lifestyle.

When you ask these questions to yourself, the answers will start coming from within you. Those answers will help you in deciding your goal.

“Of all the discoveries of the last century,

the most important one is the discovery of

the amazing power of the mind and how to use it.”

Mind is the energy, a power, very similar to electricity which can’t be seen or touched but it can be used or misused. It is an intangible and invisible power in our bodies.

We have two minds:

1.    The conscious mind

2.   The subconscious mind

The conscious mind is active when we are awake. It becomes inactive when we are asleep or inactive. The subconscious mind is active 24 hours a day.

We can achieve whatever we desire (health, wealth, success, and happiness) in our life, by using the power of our subconscious mind.

Until now, we knew very little about it. Only in recent years, researchers have begun to throw more light on the powers of the subconscious mind.

 “Conscious mind visualizes

Subconscious mind actualizes.”

Now let us understand the powers of the conscious mind:

Sensations, movements, thinking, logic, analysis, Interpretation, Intelligence quotient, identifying and seizing opportunities, judging, decision making, willpower, taking action, making choices, generating desires, watchman at the gate of the subconscious mind, etc. 

How to Unleash the Power of Mind?
How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

Let us take a good look at the functions and powers of the subconscious mind.

1.   Reflexes

What happens when you accidentally stamp bare-footed on a burning cigarette? Do you think, oh, this feels hot, let me lift my foot, and then you lift your foot? No, you instantaneously lift your foot and then do all the conscious thinking (and the cursing).

 This immediate lifting of the foot is an example of a reflex action, which is controlled by the subconscious mind. It protects us from physical injury. 

2.   Telepathy

Have you experienced that when you are thinking about someone near and dear to you, at the same time he/she either calls you or meets you at that time? This is your telepathy experience. Telepathy is communication between two subconscious minds without getting aware at a conscious level.

Our intense feelings attract that person to us. Telepathy works no matter how far two people are – even across the globe. This is the power of the subconscious mind.

3.   Radar (Conscience)

It is a common experience that whenever we think of doing something wrong, a voice comes from within, “Don’t do this, it is not right.” It is our conscience (radar) warning us. Technically speaking, It is our subconscious mind communicating with our conscious mind. The subconscious mind is our moral guide. It warns us when we think of doing wrong.

4.   Storehouse of Memory

Most people believe that memory is the power of the conscious mind, but in reality, it is the power of both minds. Everyone has immense memory power. The reason why some people seem to have less memory is because they have not trained it. Memory is like a wild elephant. It has a lot of power, but you cannot use it if you do not train it, by practice and relaxation (meditation).

5.   Emotional Quotient (E.Q.)

Emotional quotient is more important than I.Q. Only a high I.Q. is no guarantee of success and happiness.  There are two types of emotions: 

1. Positive emotions 2. Negative emotions.

Examples of positive emotions are love, mercy, forgiveness, gratitude, bliss, faith, tolerance, and kindness. Examples of negative emotions are fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, sadism, worry, doubt, and intolerance.

To increase our E.Q. we must increase the intensity of our positive emotions.

6.   Treasure of Knowledge

You have possibly heard of Nostradamus and the predictions he made centuries ago. Most of his predictions have come true. A near similar example is that of Sanjay. He reported every move in the Mahabharata (a Hindu religious epic) war to the blind king Dhrutrashtra while sitting before him in the palace. Both Nostradamus and Sanjay were omniscient-knew everything.

How does this happen? Do we all possess such power? The answer is yes. The subconscious mind in each of us is omniscient. We all possess a video camera within us that can show us the past, present, and future.

How to Unleash the Power of Mind?
How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

7.   Wisdom

There is a Hindu saying that “wisdom is the domain of the old.” But in reality, we all have wisdom in the subconscious mind. The ability to make correct decisions in any given situation in life is called wisdom.  When we are in a difficult situation and cannot come to the right decision, instead of looking elsewhere, we should go within ourselves. Our subconscious mind is always ready to give the wisest counsel. Be sure, wisdom is within all of us.

8.   Divine Planning

If I were to ask you, which of the minds is responsible for planning, most likely than not, you would say “conscious mind.” Yes, planning is done by it, but it does for small matters, as it is human planning. That is why sometimes when we fail to achieve results as per our plan, we remember the saying, “Man proposes and God disposes of”. We may feel unhappy and hopeless and wonder, “Why is God sabotaging my plans”. 

Actually, God never sabotages our plans, but our plans are failing because the power to plan for major goals of our life lies with the subconscious mind. It plans in accordance with the goal we have given it, and if we consciously make a plan contrary to the subconscious mind’s planning, we are destined to fail. As our subconscious mind is the Divine mind, this planning is called Divine planning.

9.   Creating Opportunities

People often tell me “If I had an opportunity, I would have done great in my life”. I ask them, who do you expect to give you the opportunity? They fumble for an answer. Please understand well that we should not wait for an opportunity, but we should create opportunities for ourselves. Our subconscious mind has the capacity to create opportunities. If we clearly suggest to our subconscious mind what our goal is, it will create opportunities conducive to the goal.

10.  Mental Clock

You must have experienced that, when we have to wake up early for some important work or event, we set the alarm clock accordingly. But surprisingly, we woke up a few minutes before the alarm rang. How does this happen? This happens because nature has placed an alarm clock in our subconscious mind. This clock gives us life-long and maintenance-free service.

11. Mental Calendar

Just our subconscious mind has the facility of an alarm clock, It also has a calendar. With the help of this calendar, the subconscious mind manifests its powers in time. Can you tell me how a baby is born normally at 9 months? This is because our subconscious mind regulates the time of the birth of the infant through a calendar in it.

12. Control Over Pain  

You may have heard that some doctors have performed surgery and painless deliveries without the use of anesthesia. How does this work? The doctor gives constant suggestions to the patient, which are passed to the subconscious mind to block the sensations of pain. The subconscious mind responds to these suggestions. As a result, the patient does not feel pain.

13.  Control over every part of our body

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was well known for his teachings of Transcendental Meditation Internationally. He was also Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Guru. He used to claim that he can levitate his body several inches from the ground during meditation. This is known as Yogic Flying. He makes the body so light that it is beyond the gravitational pull. It is like a gas balloon. This power lies within the domain of the subconscious mind. It shows that by conditioning the subconscious mind, we can gain control over every part of our body.

How to Unleash the Power of Mind?
How to Unleash the Power of Mind?

14. Influence over the Universe

Our subconscious mind has influence not only over ourselves, but also the entire universe. This may seem quite an overstatement to you. But let me explain. It is said that Moses parted the waters of the sea to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. This has been so beautifully portrayed in the film “The Ten Commandments”.

15. Solution to all problems

When we are facing a problem, be it financial, health-related, or social, we often try to solve it consciously by thinking about it and looking for a solution.  

Next time when you face a difficult problem, just approach your subconscious mind. Relax and attain the Alpha state of the mind and tell your subconscious mind about your problem. It will communicate a solution to you. I feel this is the best option because the subconscious mind is a storehouse of wisdom and knowledge and has the power to solve your problems.

16. Personal God

The Almighty has given us the subconscious mind, as his representative, to help us. To feel the presence of the Almighty within us, all that we have to do is to go within ourselves. Every major religion says that the Almighty is within you. All of us have a subconscious mind that listens to our problems, gives solutions, and offers us unending opportunities, health, wealth, peace, and the strength to draw the cosmic power to fulfill all our desires. If we utilize its power for the betterment of humankind, the world will surely become a worthwhile place to live in.

17. Spiritual Quotient (S.Q.)

Spiritual Quotient is of the utmost importance for our eternal success and happiness. What is spirituality? I believe that maintaining harmony or congruency between thinking, speaking, and doing is spirituality.

18. Creative thoughts

The subconscious mind is the source of creative thoughts or new ideas. We can create whatever we want, with its help. That creation can be a movie, a novel, an industry, or any small or big innovative thing.

19. Power Generation

Many people feel that they have passed the age when they can set a new goal and accomplish it. But remember, once we can set a new goal and pass it to our subconscious mind, it generates the needed energy within us to realize the goal. The flow of energy continues till we accomplish the goal.

 20. Magnetic power 

There is a very touching story in the ‘Ramayana’ (a Hindu epic) about a tribal woman named ‘Shabri’ who has an intense desire for Lord Rama to come and visit her house. It happened. When Rama was on his way to search for Sita (his kidnapped wife), he stopped at the house of Shabri. How would one explain this incident? Shabri’s burning desire activated her subconscious mind, which created a ‘magnetic’ force, which attracted Rama to her house.  Similarly, our subconscious mind can create a magnetic force to attract anything we desire. It could be health, wealth, love, relationships, mental peace, and the list is endless. If we realize and use this, our life would be much different.

The power of the subconscious mind is a very vast subject, many things remain pending to include, which can be written.

Although, many prominent authors have highlighted this subject in this century simply for the benefit of every human being. I am also on the same path and did many conferences in the companies for the benefit of the employees where I have worked. No doubt this is beneficial for all but my focus is more on the students who are unaware of their career after an important stage and they worry about their career growth.

I counseling for many students for their career growth through the mind power concept and they all have achieved their goals. I have made a channel on youtube named as (mind power Mahesh Agrawal). My videos you can watch me there and benefit from them. Kindly like, subscribe, and share my videos with your near and dear ones for their benefit. Each and everyone can contact me directly and I am open to counseling of the students and conferences for all everywhere

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