Who should complete this program?

Anybody who is working as an entrepreneur or doing the job. This Certification Course is for learning leaders seeking to understand the benefits of different learning technologies. 

If you are tasked with the administration, management or oversight of training and development technologies, or if you aspire to manage training and development technologies, this program can advance your development.

Are there any Prerequisites for Completing this Certificate Program?

There are no prerequisites to register, making this certificate ideal for anyone seeking to further their learning and development career.

What will I receive when I complete this program?

You’ll have access to all digital resources before the programme, including the student workbook you’ll use during the training and a toolbox of job aids to help you implement what you’ve learned.  You will receive a credential in the management of learning technologies once you have completed the course.

What Does a Human Resources Professional Do?

Recruiting/Hiring/Training/Organization Development/Communication/ Performance Managment/Coaching/ Policy Recommendation/Salary and Benefits/ Team Building/ Employee Relations/Leadership/Legal Compliances/Strategy Partner.

How do human resources help a business?

HR has a critical role in shaping, strengthening, and changing an organization’s culture irrespective of the department you are working. HR is responsible for several aspects of business culture, strategy, including pay, performance appraisal, education and training, hiring and onboarding, and promoting the company’s values.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

To learn more about this programme and other development possibilities, contact our support staff. Please get in touch with us or set up a call with the concern directly.